Department of Transport Technology and Economics

Research areas


– Analysis and simulation of transport processes

– Measurement and estimation of traffic flows

– Analysis of the connection of transport demand and supply

– Development of routing algorithms

– Analysis of timetable concepts



– Development of transportation networks using demand based prediction

– Simulation of transportation networks

– Analysis of delay causes based on real-time data

– Implementing transportation databases

– Analysis of parameters influencing public transport vehicle run times




– Analysis of spatial and temporal changes of passenger transportation demands and processes

– Influencing passenger demands with ICT tools

– Analysis and optimization of daily activity chain

– Connection of social networks and travel behaviour





– Statistical analysis

– Analysis of transport safety investments

– Transport safety connected analysis of driver decisions

– Analysis of measures and creation of decision support systems



Environment protection

– Statistical analysis of road vehicles

– Analysis of vehicles’ environmental impact

– Environment economic issues of road transport

– Internalization of externalities

– Pricing reform

– Climate issues in road transport


Efficiency evaluation

– Strategical planning and decision preparation

– Financial planning methods of infrastructural investments

– Feasibility studies

– Ex ante and ex post impact assessment

– Analysis of external effects in transport and logistics

– Complex technical-economic evaluation


Transport management

– Method analysis of transport development plans

– Complex analysis of sustainable transport

– Effect analysis of transport policy

– Energy efficiency in transportation

– Tools of multimodal decision support tools in transportation




– Planning of expense and income invoices

– Establishment of road pricing systems

– Monetarization of externalities

– Internalization of externalities

– Pricing reform implementation

– Elaboration of innovative financing solutions

– Economic calculations of intelligent flexible public transport systems


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