Department of Transport Technology and Economics

OTKA research – Heterogeneity in user preferences and its impact on transport project appraisal

Our department has submitted a successful OTKA application entitled heterogeneity in user preferences and its impact on transport project appraisal supported by the NKFI. The research project intends to enrich the Hungarian cost-benefit analysis methodology with novel statistical tools that allow for continuously distributed preference parameters, including the value of time, being treated as random variables with a standard parametric or non-parametric distribution. On the methodological side, the project aims to contribute to the literature of discrete choice modelling by disentangling the variance in the value of time caused by (i) exogenous variations in crowding levels, and (ii) individual heterogeneity that leads to dispersion at fixed crowding levels as well. For more information click here.

Informations about remote learning at BME


Most of the courses at BME use Microsoft Teams for remote learning, click on the title to get information how to download, connect and join.

Innovation and Sustainable Surface Transport 2020


The 14. Innovation and Sustainable Surface Transport Conference will be held 28-30 October 2020. Information, call for papers and registration is available by clicking on the title.

Transport Research Finland 2020 Web Conference


We would like to advertise the Transport Research Finland 2020 Web Conference to be held on September 25, 2020. More information and registration available by clicking on title.

Questionnaire about the effects of COVID-19 pandemic to travel behaviour


An international team of researchers at the Research Center of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) conducts an online survey on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyday travel behavior. Further information and the questionnaire is available by clicking on the title.

Informations about the coronavirus


The official regulations of BME are available on the continously updated communique of, and can be reached by clicking on the title.

X. International Conference on Transport Sciences Győr 2020


University of Győr organize the annual International Conference on Transport Sciences. More information and application available by clicking on the title.

Friedrich-List-Award 2020


We would like to inform you about the inauguration of the European Friedrich-List-Award 2020 for young transport scientists. More information and application form is available by clicking on the title.

Seminar by Professor Sergio R. Jara-Díaz


Our Department invites you to the seminar ‘From Engineering to Economics: The interrelations between strategic design and pricing in Public Transport’ by Professor Sergio R. Jara-Díaz, on the 2nd of September 2019 at 10AM in room St428. More information and registration are available by clicking on the title.

Final Examination Schedule – June 2019


The 2019 schedule of Final Examinations has been prepared, and can be found by clicking on the title of this post. Last update: 30th May.