Department of Transport Technology and Economics

Doctoral dissertations

Bokor Zoltán:
Developing a market-oriented framework for rail transport and examining its practical adaptability, with particular regard to the controlling management system
PhD dissertation – 2000.

Farkas Balázs:
Methodology of defining user charges for railway infrastructure
PhD dissertation – 2000.

Csiszár Csaba:
Model of integrated intelligent passenger
PhD dissertation – 2001.

Jánosfalvi Tamás:
Methods for Optimisation of Logistics Systems
PhD dissertation – 2002.

Denke Zsolt:
Impacts on service quality of stochastic processes of urban public passenger transport system
PhD dissertation – 2003.

Rónai Péter:
Marginal cost based pricing model in the raiway transport sector
PhD dissertation – 2003.

Tóth János:
Observing the process of overland transport of goods with application of electronic data interchange
PhD Doktori értekezés – 2003.

Horváth Balázs:
Assessment analysis and development of public transport assignment models
PhD dissertation – 2005.

Mándoki Péter:
Evaluation possibilities of personal transportation systems in urban and conurbation transport
PhD dissertation – 2005.

Békefi Zoltán:
Development of appraisal methods for the whole life cycle of transport facilities
PhD dissertation – 2006.

Debreczeni Gábor:
Modelling passenger transport with respect to time valuation
PhD dissertation – 2006.

Juhász János:
The examination of road traffic flow and accident risk of pedestrian crossing in the surroundings of zebra crossings
PhD dissertation – 2007.

Mészáros Ferenc:
Theoretical foundation of usage based price setting on the Hungarian road network
PhD dissertation – 2007.

Berki Zsolt:
Development of traffic models on the basis of passenger demand surveys
PhD dissertation – 2008.

Török Ádám:
Developing the implementation strategies on which the modernisation of road transport pricing schemes are based
PhD dissertation – 2008.

Tulipánt Gergely:
Analysis of noise emission of road and railway cargo transport and examination of reducing possibilities of noise load
PhD dissertation – 2008.

Kormányos László:
Elaboration of the conditions of the integrated railway passenger transport service system
PhD dissertation – 2009.

Dénesfalvy Ágnes:
Determination of quality parameters of the service system elements for rail track and modelling of service qualification process
PhD dissertation – 2009.

Bite Katalin Emese:
Application of Geoinformatics for the Improvement of Airport Processes
PhD doktori értekezés – 2010.

Török Árpád:
Conditions of sustainable urban transport and the toolkit of development
PhD dissertation – 2010.

Selymes Péter:
Model for value creating process of passenger air transport
PhD dissertation – 2012.

Markovits-Somogyi Rita:
Complex technological and economic efficiency assessment methods in freight transport and logistics with special emphasis on data envelopment analysis
PhD dissertation – 2012.

Hokstok Csaba:
Rail infrastructure management applying controlling based decision-making systems
PhD dissertation – 2013.

Sándor Zsolt Péter:
Modelling of the integrated system of information of road transportation, influencing the operational characteristics
PhD dissertation – 2015.

Esztergár-Kiss Domokos:
Optimization of multimodal travel chains
PhD dissertation – 2016.

Sipos Tibor:
Model development for the improvement of traffic safety on road networks
PhD dissertation – 2017.

Andrejszki Tamás:
Mathematical modeling of complex economic efficiency methods of intelligent demand responsive public transport systems
PhD dissertation – 2018.

Nagy Enikő:
Integration of air transportation information systems, development of airport passenger handling methods
PhD dissertation – 2018.